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April 21, 2020  

How to Innovate with Technological Convergence - Jeremy Scrivens on Engati CX

April 21, 2020

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Jeremy Scrivens is an Appreciative Futurist and Collaboration & Innovation Catalyst. He is a Director of The Emotional Economy at Work and a global thought leader and consultant on building collaboration in a digital world for innovation, social good and the future of talent. He’s known particularly for his work with enterprises to coach innovation, collaboration and engagement at scale in the physical Summit Room and the virtual Social Room.

Today, Jeremy talks about innovation in an age of technological convergence. He speaks of moving from part to the whole. Technology and innovation focusing on the bigger picture. He speaks of including the non-usual suspects in the ideation process. People from disciplines other than the one in question, so that their fresh ideas may spur ideas that could not be conceived in a homogenous group.

Watch him talk about Millennials and Gen Z actually being Gen G- A generation focused on Globality, on Generosity, on Giving and on standing for social causes and how they tie it into their work. Speaking to this generation, Jeremy says, “You don’t switch your heart off when you get to work

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