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April 17, 2020  

The Art of Providing Value to Consumers - Elise Quevedo on Engati CX

April 17, 2020

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Elise Quevedo is known as “The Digital Ghost Queen” for her behind the scenes work, helping businesses and individuals from C-Level executives to Hollywood stars thrive in cyberspace. She is an author, keynote speaker, advisor, social/digital media marketing consultant, a global thought leader and has been ranked among the 'Top 100 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter' by Evan Carmichael.

Today she spoke to us about providing value to customers.

According to Elise, technology needs to focus less on being fancy, it needs to focus more on the value that users gain from it. Even our social media needs to be less about us selling, and more of us providing value to our customers.

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